Man pages for olobiolo/acutils
Aleks Chlebowski's Utility Functions

acutilsacutils: some utilities
baselinesubtract baseline from signal
clean_column_namesclean up superfluous characters in column names
clip_dataremove extreme values from a vector
construct.namestranslate construct names
errorserror functions
fetch_filesfetch ScanR result/export files
freaderread a ScanR data table
get.stack'get' within a function
ggthemesmodify ggplot theme
insert_zerosinsert zeros into a character vector
interlaceinterlace vectors
multiplotMultiple plot function
pipePipe operator
platescreats a plate layout scaffold
print_plotsprint some plots to a pdf file
rename_reference_observationsrename reference observations
rescalescale numeric vector
retryrerun a function call in case of error
show_colorsDisplay Shades of a Color
spherecompute sphere volume
zscorecalculate (robust) zscore
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