Man pages for omarbenites/traittools
Tools for manipulating traits using Trait Dictionary from Crop Ontology (one line, title case)

augbd-augmendted-block-design-data-using-factors-and-subsamplestrial data of an augmented block design experiment using...
calculate_trait_variablesCalculation of trait variables
col_render_traitConditional Trait Render for Fieldbook Web Table
col_trait_outlierDetect outlier values into trait columns of summarized...
col_validationGenerate conditional format for every trait column into...
col_validation_traitCreate conditional trait format into Fieldbook Spreadseet...
fctsubsample-data-with-factortrial data using factor with sub sampling at the same time.
get_crop_ontologyGet the trait dictionary acordding to crop and trial.
get_fb_paramGet fieldbook parameters into Excel Files the scale for late blight test to compare with other...
get.rel.daysGet Relative Dates for Area Under the Curve(AUDPC)
get_scale_traitGet a scale condition for quantitative or cualitative traits
get_sheet_dataGet data from excel files
get_trait_cropGet the crop which one trait belong
get_trait_fbGet all the trait variables of fieldbooks, excluding all the...
get_trait_nameGet the full name of the trait into crop trait dictionary
get_trait_typeGet the type of trait into the trait dictionary
get_trait_unitsGet the units of trait into the trait dictionary
length2Lenght of the values
mutate_excel_dateGet all the trait variables of fieldbooks, excluding all the...
outlier_valDetect outlier trait values of fieldbook data
post_sheet_dataPost the fieldbook data into excel files
potato_bulkingTrait dictionary for potato tuber bulking
potato_droughtTrait dictionary for potato tuber bulking
potato_lbTrait dictionary for potato late blight
potato_yieldTrait dictionary for potato yield trial
reactive_excel_fbRead fieldbooks in reactive enviorment (Shiny)
reactive_excel_metadataRead metadata in reactive enviorment (Shiny)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
render_categoricalRJavascript generator for cualitative trait renders
render_quantitativeRJavascript generator for quantitative traits in javascript...
render_quantitative_extRJavascript generator extended to render quantitative traits...
render_traitJavascript Generator for Trait Renders usigin Trai Dictionary...
render_trait_extJavascript Generator Extended for Trait Renders usigin Trai...
saudpcScale for Area Under the Curve (Scale AUDPC)
subsampletrial data using sub sampling for each observation
summary_by_designSummarize data by statistical design
sweetpotato_yieldTrait dictionary for Sweetpotato Yield Trial
sweetptSample data of sweet potato
td_cropTrait dictionary for Potato and Sweetpotato Trials
td_traitTrait variables for Potato and Sweetpotato Trials
themodeMode of the data.
trait_outlierAn outlier values detector of sumarized fieldbook...
trait_summaryFunction to calculate summary statistics for fieldbook data...
trait_summary_joinJoin all the summarized results of fieldbook's traits
traittoolsAppRun a data proccessing framework using the traittools...
traittoolsApp2Run a data proccessing framework #2 using the traittools...
transform_dateslapply transformation of dates using mutate_excel_date
xaudpcGet Relative Value for Area Under the Curve(AUDPC)
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