Man pages for omegahat/RAutoGenRunTime
Run-time support for automated interfaces to R

addFinalizerRegister a cleanup finalizer for a C/C++ object
asEnumValueValidate and convert a name or value to an enumeration...
asFunctionPointerConvert an object to a pointer to a native routine
asReferenceCreate a reference object to a native compiled object
asUnsignedConvert a vector to unsigned (positive) values
bitlistCompute the bitwise OR of one or more values and/or vectors
BitwiseValueCreate enumeration value
castPerforms C++-style casting
C++Cast-classEnumeration for types of C++ casting/coercion
checkMethodsNumArgsCheck the number of arguments for a native method/routine
CNULLValueRepresent the 'NULL' value in C.
copyToRCopy a native C/C++ object to an R representation
CStruct-classClass "CStruct"
duplicateCreate a copy of a native object
EnumDefDefine a collection of related constants
EnumValue-classClass "EnumValue" representing a enumerated constant
ExternalArray-classClasses for representing referencs to native C/C++ arrays
fixArrayLengthSet length of R object to length of target native array
floatPtr-classRepresentations of references to fundamental C/C++ data types
FreeExplicitly garbage collect a native object
GenericEnumValueCreate an enumerated value for an anonymous enumeration...
getDerivedClassMethodsGet and the methods for a derived classes implemented via R...
isNativeNullTest whether an external pointer has the C-level NULL value
isNilPointerQuery if an external pointer or RCReference is NULL
makeSymbolicVariablesDefine R variables for native enumeration constants
RC++Reference-classGeneral classes for a reference to a C++ object
SymbolicConstant-classClass "SymbolicConstant"
validateCopyValidate an object for copying to a native structure
valueOfGet the contents of a reference object
VariableReference-classClass "VariableReference"
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