Man pages for omegahat/RHTMLForms
Programmatically create R functions corresponding to Web/HTML forms.

checkFormArgsValidates form arguments relative to allowable values
createArgListCreate text for argument list of new function from HTML form...
createFunctionGenerate R function from HTML form description
formElementHandlersGather information from HTML form elements
formQueryRuntime form input validation and submission
getArgFormElementsFilter for eliminating form elements
getHTMLFormDescriptionConstruct descriptions of forms in an HTML document
hasProtocolURI management utilities
HTMLFormElementsList-classClass '"HTMLFormElementsList"'
htmlTextAreaElementConstructors for HTML form element descriptions
mergeFormElementsCombine HTML form elements
mergeURICombine one URI with respect to a base URI
simplifyPathSimplify folder/directory paths.
toString.URIString representation of a URI object.
URICreate URI object
usesJSQuery if HTML form uses JavaScript code
validateValueGeneric function for validating user input for an HTML form...
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