Man pages for omegahat/Rcompression
In-memory decompression for GNU zip and bzip2 formats.

collectContentsTools to gather the contents of one or more elements of an...
compressIn-memory zlib compression of R content
getZipInfoRead table of contents from zip archive
gzipPerform in-memory gzip compression
loadZipRead the contents of a file as binary into a raw vector.
Rcompression-internalInternal classes used in the Rcompression package.
RdzConstructor for zipped R data archive
rmZipEntriesRemove entries from a Zip archive
runTimeRun-time support for programmatically generated bindings to...
tarExtractExtract the contents of entries in a gzipped tar file
tarInfoGet table of contents of a gzipped tar file
tarListCallbackCallback function to gather information about entries in a...
tm_unz-classRepresentation of date and time information from a zip...
uncompressUncompress in-memory data in either zlib or GNU zip format
unz_file_info-classInformation about entry in zip archive file
updateArchiveAdd the contents to a zip file.
zaveSerialize one or more R objects to a zip archive
zipCreate zip archive directly in R
zipArchiveConstructor for object representing ZIP archive on disk
ZipFileArchive-classClasses related to Zip archives
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