Man pages for openanalytics/gread
Fast Reading and Processing of Common Gene Annotation and Next Generation Sequencing Format Files

as_bamconvert 'GAlignments' object to 'data.table'
as_data_tableConvert gtf/gff/bam/bed S4 objects to data.table and preserve...
as_grangesConvert data.table to GRanges object
construct_intronsConstruct introns from gtf/gff objects
disjoin_overlapsCompute disjoint ranges on a gtf/gff/bed/bam object.
extractExtract features from gtf/gff objects
find_overlapsFind overlapping indices of two gtf/gff/bed/bam objects
greadFast Reading and Processing of Common Gene Annotation and...
intersect_bedExtract gtf coordinates intersecting input bed file
intersect_overlapsCompute intersecting ranges on a gtf/gff/bed/bam object with...
non_overlapsGenerate non-overlapping intron coordinates
read_formatQuick and easy reading of gtf/gff/bed/bam files
reduce_overlapsCompute reduced ranges on a gtf/gff/bed/bam object.
shallowshallow copy a 'data.table'
strictly_nonuniqueReturn only those rows where rows per group is > 1.
supported_formatsCurrently supported formats
test_greadRun a set of tests
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