Man pages for openanalytics/redmineR
R Client for Redmine API

redmine_add_watcherAdd watcher to an issue
redmine_create_issueCreate/update/delete issue
redmine_create_projectCreate/update/delete project
redmine_delete_watcherRemove watcher from an issue
redmine_download_attachmentsDownload attachments from an issue
redmine_issuesShow all issues as a data frame
redmine_list_issuesList issues
redmine_list_projectsList projects
redmine_move_issueMove issue to another project
redmine_projectsShow all projects as a data frame
redmineRR client for Redmine API
redmine_search_idSearch id by name
redmine_show_issueShow issue information
redmine_show_projectShow project information
redmine_trackersShow info on extra endpoints
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