Man pages for p-rocha/SoundShape
Sound Waves Onto Morphometric Data

align.waveAutomatic placement of calls at beggining of sound window
centralisVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus centralis_
cuvieriVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus cuvieri_
eigensoundSound waves onto morphometric data
eig.sampleSample of 3D point coordinates (semilandmarks) acquired with...
hypo.surfHypothetical 3D sound surfaces representing a sample of sound...
kroyeriVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus kroyeri_
pca.plotPlot ordination of Principal Components with convex hulls
raven.listSample of tables containing selection boxes from Raven Pro... sample '".wav"' files using selections from Raven Pro...
SoundShapeSound Waves Onto Morphometric Data
threeDspectro3D spectrogram plots from '"Wave"' objects
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