Man pages for p-rocha/SoundShape
Sound Waves Onto Morphometric Data

align.waveAutomatic placement of calls at beggining of sound window
centralisVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus centralis_
cuvieriVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus cuvieri_
eigensoundSound waves onto morphometric data
eig.sampleSample of 3D point coordinates (semilandmarks) acquired with...
hypo.surfHypothetical 3D sound surfaces representing a sample of sound...
kroyeriVocalization of the frog _Physalaemus kroyeri_
pca.plotPlot ordination of Principal Components with convex hulls
SoundShapeSound Waves Onto Morphometric Data
threeDspectro3D spectrogram plots from '"Wave"' objects
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