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For studies into thermal adaptation

add_progress_commentadd progress comment
boltzmannFits the traditional temperature centred Boltzmann function...
create_progress_fileProgress file creator
Eilers_InhibEilers PI curve inhibtion ratio
Eilers_PIFitting a photosynthesis-irradiance curve
Eilers_PI_modEilers photosynthesis irradiance curve with varying y...
FSCtoMicronConverts FSC.H to micrometres
inv.tempInverse of temperature
nlsLoopLoops through a non-linear model on many different curves to...
PCR_mixPCR mix template
PI_dataDataset of photosynthesis irradiance curves
Platt_PIFitting a photosynthesis-irradiance curve
PmaxCalculating the photosynthetic maximum
quasi.rsq.nlsR squared statistic for non linear models
read_data_OxylabBinds desired O2 view files together
schoolfieldPerforms the modified Sharpe-Schoolfield equation on thermal...
schoolfield.highPerforms the modified Sharpe-Schoolfield equation for high...
Schoolfield_ToptCalculates the optimum temperature
SH.TmaxEmpirically calculates the maximum temperature of a...
SH.TminEmpirically calculates the minimum temperature of a...
std.errorCalculates the standard error
StockSolVolCalculates the volume of stock solution needed when making up...
TeamPhytoplanktonTeam Phytoplankton Functions
TeamPhytoplankton-packageTeam Phytoplankton Functions
Thomas.TmaxCalculates Tmax for the Thomas TRC
Thomas.TminCalculates Tmin for the Thomas TRC
ThomasTRCFits a thermal performance curve to data using the formula...
TmaxCalculates Tmax for the Thomas TRC
TminCalculates Tmin for the Thomas TRC
ToptCalculates the optimum temperature
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