Man pages for paleolimbot/chemr
R Data Structures for Chemistry Data

arithmeticMolecule arithmetic
as.character.reactionCoerce reactions to a character vector
c.molecule_singleCombine, subset molecule(s) objects
elementElement properties
elsymbolsElement properties as lists
is_balancedBalance reactions
massAccess properties of a molecule object
molCreate a molecule object
molecule_tibbleData frame reprsentation of a molecule object
new_molecule_singleCreate, validate molecule objects
new_reactionCreate, validate reaction objects
print.molecule_singleCoerce molecule(s) to character
ptThe Periodic Tibble
reactionCreate reaction objects
reactionsubsetSubset, combine reaction objects
reaction_tibbleData frame reprsentation of a reaction object
simplifySimplify chemr objects
simplify.reactionSimplify reaction objects
sort.molSort molecule, reaction objects
times-.reactionReaction arithmetic
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