Man pages for paleolimbot/rclimateca
Fetch Climate Data from Environment Canada

as_ec_climate_locationEnvironment Canada Historical Climate Locations
clear_cacheCache options
climatelongDEPRECATED: Transform EC data to long format
ec_climate_dataLoad Environment Canada Historical Climate Data
ec_climate_data_baseLow-level access to the EC Climate Bulk Data Service
ec_climate_data_read_csvRead a historical climate data CSV file
ec_climate_locations_allClimate locations (January 2018)
ecclimatelocsDEPRECATED: Deprecated climate locations (February 2017)
ec_climate_longTransform EC Climate Data to Parameter-Long Form
ec_climate_params_allClimate parameters (January 2018)
ec_climate_search_locationsSearch climate locations
getClimateDataDEPRECATED: Get Parsed and aggregated Environment Canada data
getClimateDataRawDEPRECATED: Get parsed CSV data from Environment Canada
getClimateSitesGet Environment Canada locations.
print.ec_climate_location_searchPrint climate location search results
rclimatecaEnvironment Canada data in R
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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