Man pages for pasturm/SIMIONtuneR
SIMION Parameter Tuning using Response Surface Methodology

cost_functionCost function for optimization.
desirabilityQuadratic desirability function.
desirability_overallOverall desirability function.
find_x1Finds the time-of-flight focal point of the mirror.
integrandIntegrand for tof period calculation.
plot_coeffsPlots the fit coefficients of the response surface model.
plot_resultsPlots results.
potentialCalculates the axial potential of gridless planar mirrors.
potential_invCalculates the inverse of the axial potential function.
run_GLPMtuneRRuns gridless planar mirror optimization.
run_SIMIONtuneRRuns SIMIONtuneR simulation.
SIMIONtuneRSIMION Parameter Tuning using Response Surface Methodology.
tofperiodTime-of-flight period calculation.
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