HCI: Homeostasis Concept Inventory Dichotomous Dataset

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(HCI) dataset consists of the dichotomously scored responses of 651 students (405 males, 246 females) to Homeostasis Concept Inventory multiple-choice test. It containts 20 items, vector of gender membership and identificator whether students plan to major.




HCI is a data.frame consisting of 651 observations on the 22 variables. First 20 variables represent dichotomously scored responses to multiple-choice items (1 means correct, 0 is incorrect). 21st column is a vector of gender membership; values 0 and 1 refer to males and females. 22nd column is a identificator whether students planning to major in the life sciences.


Jenny L. McFarland
Biology Department, Edmonds Community College


McFarland, J. L., Price, R. M., Wenderoth, M. P., Martinkova, P., Cliff, W., Michael, J., ... & Wright, A. (2017). Development and validation of the homeostasis concept inventory. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 16(2), ar35.

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