Man pages for pcastellanoescuder/fobitools
Tools for Manipulating the FOBI Ontology

annotate_foodsText Mining Pipeline to Annotate Free Nutritional Text with...
fobiFOBI Table File - Jul 23, 2021
fobi_graphGenerate FOBI Graphs
fobi_termsFOBI's 'ontology_index' object - Jul 23, 2021
foodsFOBI Foods Table File - Feb 02, 2021
id_convertConvert Metabolite Identifiers
idmapFOBI Identifier Map File - Jul 18, 2021
mseaPerforms a preranked metabolite set enrichment analysis...
ORAClassical Over Representation Analysis with FOBI
parse_fobiParse FOBI in a Readable Tabular Format
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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