Man pages for pedro-andrade-inpe/sits.validate
Validate sits classifications

baseDirBase path
compareTCCerradoCompare with TerraClass Cerrado
compareWithCerradoMaskCompare with Cerrado Mask.
degreesToMetersConvert degrees to meters
forEachBlockIterates over a raster by block
forEachBlockPairIterates over two rasters by blocks
getPaletteGet sits palette
getSitsValidateEnvSits validate environment
getTifFilesTif files within a base directory
joinClassificationsJoin tibles summing their areas
printProgressPrint a value on the screen
rasterBoxToPolygonConverts a raster to a SpatialPolygons, keeping the same...
setBaseDirSet base directory
simplifyOutputSimplify the comparison output
splitRasterSplit a raster file
splitRastersSplit all rasters within a given directory
summarizeAsPercentageSummarize the results as percentages
summarizeOneByMunicipalitiesSummarize the classification areas in each Brazilian...
summarizeOneByPolygonsSummarize the classification areas into a set of polygons
summarizeOneBySimUSummarize the classification areas in each Brazilian...
summarizeOneByStatesSummarize the classification areas in each Brazilian...
totalValidationCerradoMaskComputes the total agreement for cerrado mask
totalValidationTCCerradoReturn the total validation comparing with TerraClass Cerrado
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