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Data from a field project during the Frugivory and Seed dispersal field course, 2012.




A dataset (dataframe).


Visitation data come from 140 h direct watches. A data.frame with 42 obs. of 37 variables.

First 6 variables are codes for Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, and species label.

Variables include:

totvis- Number of visits recorded, pooled all trees.

totbic- Mean number of peckings to Cecropia catkins during a single visit. Birds do several peckings and ingest the seeds from these small pieces of the catkins. This may be used to estimate ingestion rate per visit.

sde- Effectiveness estimate for the quantitative component, totvis * totbic.

Columns 10-37 are the number of visits recorded to each individual Cecropia tree.


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