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Data from a study on Prunus mahaleb (Rosaceae) seed dispersal by frugivorous animals in SE Spain. Visitation data come from 107.3 h direct watches.




A dataset (dataframe).


Variables include:

# Visitation data come from 107.3 h direct watches. abundance- Mean no. birds censused/km, averaged for two study years.

visits- Mean no. visitis recorded to fruiting trees (/10 h).

prop_visits- Proportion of total visits recorded (feeding records) contributed by species. Relative to the total no. records in two study years.

eff_per_vis- Mean no. fruits swallowed per visit (successfully dispersed seeds).

eff_total- Visit rate * eff_per_vis*prop fruits swallowed.

prop_disp_service- Proportion of total dispersal service contributed by species.


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Schupp, E. W., Jordano, P. and Gomez, J.M. 2010. Seed dispersal effectiveness revisited: a conceptual review. New Phytologist 188: 333-353.

Jordano, P. and Schupp, E.W. 2000. Seed disperser effectiveness: The quantity component and patterns of seed rain for Prunus mahaleb. Ecological Monographs 70: 591–615.

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