Man pages for phiala/ecodist
Dissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis

addordFit new points to an existing NMDS configuration.
bcdistBray-Curtis distance
bumpNine-bump spatial pattern
bump.pmgramNine-bump spatial pattern
cor2mTwo-matrix correlation table
corgenGenerate correlated data
crosstabData formatting
distanceCalculate dissimilarity/distance metrics
ecodist-packageDissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis
fixdmatDistance matrix conversion
fullFull symmetric matrix
grazeSite information and grazed vegetation data.
iris.fitExample of adding to an ordination
iris.nmdsExample for nmds
iris.vfExample for vector fitting on ordination
iris.vfrotExample for vector fitting on rotated ordination
lowerLower-triangular matrix
mantelMantel test
mgramMantel correlogram
mgroupMantel test for groups
min.nmdsFind minimum stress configuration
MRMMultiple Regression on distance Matrices
nmdsNon-metric multidimensional scaling
pcoPrincipal coordinates analysis
plot.mgramPlot a Mantel correlogram
plot.nmdsPlot information about NMDS ordination
plot.vfPlots fitted vectors onto an ordination diagram
pmgramPartial Mantel correlogram
residuals.mgramResiduals of a Mantel correlogram
vfVector fitting
xdistanceCross-distance between two datasets.
xmantelCross-Mantel test
xmgramCross-Mantel correlogram
z.noExample for pmgram
z.z1Example for pmgram
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