Man pages for philip-khor/bnmr
Wrapper Functions for the Open API of the Central Bank of Malaysia

base_rateBase rate
bnmr-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package bnmr
bnmr-packagebnmr: Wrapper Functions for the Open API of the Central Bank...
consumer_alertConsumer Alert
daily_fx_turnoverDaily Foreign Exchange Turnover
exchange_rateExchange rate
get_base_rateBase Rate
get_consumer_alertConsumer Alert
get_daily_fx_turnoverDaily Foreign Exchange Turnover
get_exchange_rateExchange Rate
get_interbank_swapInterbank Swap
get_interest_rateInterest Rate
get_interest_volumeInterest Volume
get_islamic_interbank_rateIslamic Interbank Rate
get_kijang_emasKijang Emas
interbank_swapInterbank Swap
interest_rateInterest Rate
interest_volumeInterest Volume
islamic_interbank_rateIslamic Interbank Rate
kijang_emasKijang Emas
kl_usd_reference_rateKL USD Reference Rate
msbMSB Data
msb_depositsMSB Deposits
msb_loansMSB Conventional loans and Islamic financing
oprOvernight Policy Rate (OPR)
usd_interbank_intraday_rateUSD Interbank Intraday Rate
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