Man pages for philliplab/ViralHaplotyper
Viral Haplotyper

construct_haplotypesGiven a set of sequences, extract the haplotypes.
construct_haplotypes_singleGiven a set of sequences, extract the haplotypes using the...
construct_haplotypes_uniqueGiven a set of sequences, extract the haplotypes using the...
get_all_sequences-methodsReturns all the sequences of a haplotype
get_test_AAStringSetA function that returns a test AAStringSet
get_unique_sequence_details-methodsReturns detailed information about the unique sequences in a...
get_unique_sequences-methodsReturns the unique sequences of a haplotype
HaplotypeThe data structure that holds a haplotype
number_of_unique_sequences-methodsReturns the count of the unique sequences in the haplotype
run_ViralHaplotyper_appRuns the shiny app for this package
total_number_of_sequences-methodsReturns the count of all sequences in the haplotype
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