Man pages for phytomosaic/ecole
ecole: School of Ecology Package

basal_areaTree basal area
braunEmma Lucy Braun forest plots in eastern North America
bray0Zero-adjusted Bray-Curtis dissimilarity
duplicatesDetermine all duplicate elements
ecole-packageSchool of Ecology Package for Teaching Ecological Tasks,...
makecwmCommunity-weighted means (CWM)
mx_collapseCollapse columns in a species matrix
mx_diversityDiversity of a species matrix
mx_dropzeroDrop zero-sum rows or columns
mx_rbind_allCombine two species abundance matrices
mx_validTest matrix validity
nearestspeciesFind nearest species compositional neighbors among two...
outlier_multiMultivariate outliers
outlier_uniUnivariate outliers
overlapOverlap of two probability density functions
p3_to_p2Convert P3Veg to P2Veg
ploSimple scatterplot with useful defaults
plot_heatmapHeatmap of species abundance matrix
plot_joyJoy plots
plot_loessPlotting locally-weighted regression line
plot_loglogLog-log scatterplot
plot_margScatterplot with marginals
plot_orthoScatterplot with orthogonal fit line
prep_climatenaPrepare data for ClimateNA
prep_pcordPrepare data for PC-ORD
reshape_wReshape long to wide for perspective plots
smokyWhittaker's Great Smoky Mountains Vegetation Data (USA)
topographicTopographic measures
utils_colorColor utilities
utils_plotPlotting utilities
utils_statsSummary statistics utilities
utils_textClean character vector
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