Man pages for pierrejacob/RShapeTarget
Target Distributions based on shapes

combine_polygonsCombine polygons
compute_ABCPre compute quantities
create_svg_letterCreate SVG file with one letter
create_target_from_shapeCreate target density based on a shape
create_target_from_wordCreate target density based on a word
dist_points_to_polyCompute distance between multiple points and a polygon
extract_paths_from_letterExtract list of polygons from a letter
extract_paths_from_svgExtract list of polygons from a SVG file
extract_paths_from_wordExtract list of polygons from a words
find_inner_polygonsFind which polygons are within another
get_box_polygonGet bounding box around polygons
log_shape_densityLog target density function from shape
log_word_densityLog target density function from word
plot_pathsPlot paths
RShapeTarget-packageShape Target Distributions
shape_from_polygonsConvert polygons to shape
shift_polygon_xShift a polygon horizontally
shift_polygon_yShift a polygon vertically
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