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Tools for canopy health monitoring through image analysis

add_PT_buffer_parishes_bordersAdd Outline of the PT PWN Buffer Zone to an Existing Plot
ADS100_G2RGreen_over_Red Index simulating ADS100 sensor (ADS100_G2R)
ADS100_NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index simulating ADS100...
assign_crowncells_quantileAssign Polygon Cells Their Quantile Value In A Raster
assign_crowncells_quantile_parallelAssign Polygon Cells Their Quantile Value In A Raster in...
BGI1Blue Green Index 1
BGI2Blue Green Index 2
Blue_indexBlue Index
BRI1Blue Red Index 1
BRI2Blue Red Index 2
calc_neighbours_pix_nrsFind Neigbour Cells in a Matrix
calculate_remoteness_from_binary_rasterCalculate Remoteness Binary raster
calculate_TerraBella_indicesCalculate TerraBella spectral indices
calibrate_sicktree_modelCalibrate vegetation distribution models
calibrate_sicktree_model_multi_tileCalibrate vegetation distribution models
check_im_resBefore Crown Delineation Check Image Resolution Consistency
CIChlorophyll Index Red Edge
classify_maxent_output_based_on_error_statsClassify maxent output to binary presence absence maps
clip_polygons2rastersClip Spatialpolygons To The Extent Of A Raster
close_crownMorphological Opening Operation
create_overview_of_rastersCreate A Polygon .shp Of Raster File Extents
CRI550Carotenoid Reflectance Index 550 nm
CRI700Carotenoid Reflectance Index 700 nm
crown_indices_from_bigshapeCrown-level spectral indices for a big shapefile
crown_inspectorInspect Delineated Crowns In Multiple Images
CTRI1Carter Index 1
CTRI2Carter Index 2
CURReflectance Curvature Index
datt_CabCx_cReflectance Band Ratio
datt_NIRCabCx_cReflectance Band Ratio Using NIR
DMC_G2RGreen_over_Red Index simulating DMC sensor (DMC_G2R)
DMC_NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index simulating DMC sensor...
eliminate_split_crownClean up Split Polygons
ensure_uneven_r_dimBefore Crown Delineation Check Image Dimension Consistency
evaluate_crown_growing_efficiencyEvaluate Efficiency Of Crown Delineation By...
EVIEnhanced Vegetation Index
extract_mn_sdMean And SD From Polygon-on-Brick Overlay
fit_simple_polynomialFitting Simple Polynomial Models
flag_valid_pixRegister Valid Pixels in a Matrix
get_band_of_wavelengthGet The Measurements Made In A Chosen Wavelength
get_index_or_wavelength_from_brickGet Spectral Index or Chosen Wavelength From Brick
get_TerraBella_scene_dateGet TerraBella Scene Date
GM1Gitelson & Merzlyak Index 1
GM2Gitelson & Merzlyak Index 2
GreennessGreenness Index
grow_crownGrow a Spectrally Homogenous Object
grow_crownsOutline Tree Crowns In Imagery
histndMultidimensional Stratification
identify_n_neighboursFind A Polygon's Neighbour Polygons
indiv_bandsGet A List Into A df For Easier Manipulation
LIC1Lichtenthaler Index 1
LIC2Lichtenhaler (Blue Over Red) Index 2
LIC3Lichtenhaler Index
mask_to_PT_buffer_zoneMask a Raster File to Only Retain Data within the PT PWN...
MCARI1Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index 1
MCARI2Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index 2
merge_pnt_shp_files_by_attributesMerge Point Shapefiles By Attributes
merge_pols_intersected_by_linesMerge Polygons Intersected By Lines
mod_SRModified Simple Ratio
MSAVIModified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index
MTVI1Modified Triangular Vegetation Index 1
MTVI2Modified Triangular Vegetation Index 2
NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
NPCINormalized Pigments Index
NPQINormalized Phaeophytinization Index
OSAVIOptimised Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index
pairsplotA Customized Pairs Plot
point_at_highest_value_in_polygonPlace Point At Maximum Location
polygons_to_seedsConvert Polygons To Seeds
PRI512Photochemical Reflectance Index 512
PRI515Photochemical Reflectance Index 515
PRI570Photochemical Reflectance Index 570
PRI600Photochemical Reflectance Index 600
PRI670Photochemical Reflectance Index 670
PRI670_570Photochemical Reflectance Index 670 570
PRI_CICarotenoid/chlorophyll Ratio Index
PRInNormalized Photochemical Reflectance Index
proximity_indicesMake a distance-to-center matrix
PSNDcPigment Specific Normalized Difference
PSRIPlant Senescing Reflectance Index
PSSRaPigment Specific Simple Ratio Chlorophyll a
PSSRbPigment Specific Simple Ratio Chlorophyll b
PSSRcPigment Specific Simple Ratio Carotenoids
RARSRatio Analysis Of Reflectance Spectra
RDVIRenormalized Difference Vegetation Index
RednessRedness Index
remove_all_NACheck An Object For NAs
remove_holesClose Holes in Polygons
remove_small_polsRemove Small Polygons
rF_predictions_to_polygonsRun An Existing rF In Predictive Mode
RNIR_CRI550Carotenoid Reflectance Index 550 nm with NIR
RNIR_CRI700Carotenoid Reflectance Index 700 nm with NIR
run_sicktree_modelRun a distribution model using a raster brick as predictors
run_sicktree_model_multitileRun a saved MaxEnt model in predictive mode on a tile of...
samp_dfAvoid Data Frames With Too Many Rows
sample_false_positivesSample false positives from a set of binary images
sample_for_sicktree_model_multi_tileSample training data for image classification from multiple...
samplestratifiedTake A Stratified Sample Of A Data Set
samplestratified_shpTake A Stratified Sample Of A .SHP With Spectral Indices As...
shadow_based_seed_filterFilter Seeds That Lack Shadows
shift_polygons_to_pointsShift Polygons To Points
shp_copyCopy shapefiles between directories
sick_tree_errorsSick tree error calculator
SIPIStructure-Insensitive Pigment Index
spectral_indices_for_crownsCalculate Spectral Indices For Individual Tree Crowns
SRSimple Ratio
SRPISimple Ratio Pigment Index
subtract_control_medianSubtract Band And Polygon Specific Median From Digital...
TCARITransformed Chlorophyll Absorption in Reflectance Index
TCARI_over_OSAVITransformed Chlorophyll Absorption in Reflectance Index Over...
test_funTest function for grid
tile_raster_extentTile A Raster's Extent
tps2d_seedsSpatially Warp SpatialPoints Using A Set Of Reference Point...
train_rF_classifier_on_polygonsCalibrates A Supervised Classification Of Multiband Imagery...
TVITriangular Vegetation Index
VOG1Vogelmann Index 1
VOG2Vogelmann Index 2
VOG3Vogelmann Index 3
watershed_tree_detectionWatershed-Based Tree Detection
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