Man pages for pimentel/mamabear
Mamabear: Ensures da bears are behaving

compute_cor_oracleCompute correlation of a merged results with an oracle
fdr_efdr_boxplotTrue fdr versus estimated fdr
fdr_efdr_plotFDR versus estimated FDR
fdr_efdr_power_plotfdr versus power
fdr_nde_plotFDR versus ranked list
fdr_power_plottrue fdr versus power
fdr_tpr_plotPlot the (estimated) FDR against the TPR
filter_benchmarkFilter a benchmark
get_sensitivity_specificityGet the sensitivity and specificity at a level
get_sensitivity_specificity_oracleGet the sensitivity and specificity at a level
merge_resultsMerge results from expression estimation tools
new_de_benchmarkMerge results from differential expression tools
pairwise_corCompute all pairwise correlations of a unit
power_efdr_boxplotpower at a specific estimated fdr
read_kallisto_renameRead kallisto output for merge_results
read_xprsRead eXpress data
rename_benchmarkrename a benchmark
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