Man pages for pkimes/sigclust2
sigclust2: Statistical Significance of Clustering

diagnostic-genericnull assumption diagnostic plots
diagnostic-shcplot diagnostics for shc object
fwer_cutoff-genericreturn Family-Wise Error Rate (FWER) cutoffs
fwer_cutoff-matrixget FWER from idx_hc attribute of shc object
fwer_cutoff-shcget FWER cutoffs for shc oject
null_eigvalEigenvalue estimation for null Gaussian based testing...
plot-shcplot shc object
print-shcprint description of shc object
shcstatistical Significance for Hierarchical Clustering (SHC)
shcutreeCut SHC Tree by Significance
sigclustStatistical Significance of Clustering (sigclust)
sigclust2-packageStatistical Significance for Clustering
summary-shcprovide summary of shc object
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