Man pages for pmat747/psplinePsd
Spectral density estimation using P-spline priors

dbsplineGenerate a B-spline density basis of any degree "dbspline"...
densityMixtureC++ function for building a density mixture, given mixture...
diffMatrixdiffMatrix calculates the difference penalty matrix The third...
fast_ftFunctions taken from "bsplinePsd" package
gibbs_psplineMetropolis-within-Gibbs sampler for spectral inference of a...
gibbs_pspline_postProposalThis function takes into account a posterior pilot sample to...
gibbs_pspline_simpleThis function does not need a posterior pilot sample
image.psdsPlot method for psds class
intsThis function produces a matrix which each row contains the...
knotLocThis function produces the knot location
llikelog Whittle likelihood
logfullerHelp function: Fuller Logarithm
logplusC++ function for calculating the sum of the log of two...
logplusvecC++ function for ...
lpostUnnormalised log posterior
plot.psdPlot method for psd class
postprocessPost-process of a psd object
psd_armaAnalytical spectral density for mean-centred ARMA(p,q) model
psplinePsd-packageSpectral density estimation using P-spline priors
qpsdCompute unnormalised PSD using random mixture of B-splines
spec_psplineSpectrum estimate via p-splines
uniformmaxHelp function: Uniform maximum
unrollPsdC++ help function to redundantly roll out a PSD to length n
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