hg19.exon.counts: Human RNA-Seq data with three conditions, three samples

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This data set contains RNA-Seq exon read counts for 3 chromosomes. The data are from an experiment studying the effect of a long non-coding RNA related to the ASCL2 gene in WNT signaling and intestinal cancer. It has two conditions (CON, DOX) and four samples (CON_BR1, CON_BR2, DOX_BR1, DOX_BR2). It also contains a predefined sample.list and libsize.list named sample.list.hg18 and libsize.list.hg18.


a data.frame with exon read counts and some embedded annotation, one row per exon.


Panagiotis Moulos


GEO (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/)

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