Defines functions comSplit

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#'Comment split
#'Divide a tibble into a list of tibbles by comments. If you dermarcate your runs with comments, this will divide your data into runs.
#'@param df The data you wish to divide, containing a Comments column
#'@examples licorData(loc,makeCommentsCol=T) %>% comSplit()
#'@name comSplit

comSplit <- function(df){
  indices <- which(!is.na(df$Comments))
  mylist <- list()
    mylist[[1]] <- df[1:(indices[1]-1)]
  for(i in 1:(length(indices)-1)){
    mylist[[length(mylist)+1]] <- df[indices[i]:(indices[i+1]-1),]
  mylist[[length(mylist)+1]] <-  df[last(indices):nrow(df),]
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