Man pages for poissonconsulting/lexr
Lake Exploitation Study Data Plotting and Analysis

check_analysis_dataCheck Lake Exploitation Analysis Data
check_detect_dataCheck Lake Exploitation Detection Data
check_lex_dataCheck Lake Exploitation Data
combine_sections_lex_dataCombine Sections Lex Data
filter_detect_dataFilter Detect Data
filter_lex_dataFilter Lex Data
get_difftimeGet Difftime
growth_noNo Growth
growth_vbVon Bertalanffy Growth
input_lex_dataInputs Lake Exploitation Data
is.analysis_dataIs Analysis Data
is.detect_dataIs Detect Data
is.lex_dataIs Lex Data
last_section_dataLast Section Data
lexrLake Exploitation Study Data Plotting and Analysis
make_analysis_dataMake Analysis Data
make_detect_dataMake Detect Data
merge_detect_dataMerge Detect Data
plot.analysis_dataPlot Analysis Data
plot_capturePlot Captures
plot_data_dirPlot Data to Directory
plot_detect_coveragePlot Coverage
plot.detect_dataPlot Detect Data
plot_detect_distancePlot Detection Distance
plot_detect_overviewPlot Detection Overview
plot_detect_sectionPlot Section
plot_lex_coveragePlot Coverage
plot.lex_dataPlot Lex Data
plot_recapturePlot Recaptures
plot_use_detectPlot Use
print.SpatialPolygonsDataFramePrint Spatial Polygons Data Frame
section_polygonSection Polygon
spawning_noNo Spawning
use_detect_dataUse Detect Data
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