Man pages for poissonconsulting/mwst2
Mountain Whitefish Spawn Timing

add_fit_linesAdd Fit Lines
add_layerAdd Layer to a Map
analyse_gsiAnalyse GSI
analyse_spawnersAnalyse Spawners
date2integerDate To Integer
gsi_model_codeGSI Model Code
integer2dateInteger To Date
mapMap Layer
mwst2Mountain Whitefish Spawn Timing R Package
plot_gsiPlot Gonadal Somatic Index (GSI)
plot_residualsPlot Residuals
plot_spawnersPlot Spawners
plot_timingPlot Spawn Timing
predict_gsiPredict Gonadal Somatic Index (GSI)
predict_spawnersPredict Spawners
predict_timingPredict Spawn Timing
replicate_resultsReplicate Results
spawners_model_codeSpawners Model Code
yesnoYes or No
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