Man pages for prise6/aVirtualTwins
Adaptation of Virtual Twins Method from Jared Foster

aVirtualTwinsaVirtualTwins : An adapation of VirtualTwins method created...
formatRCTDatasetRCT format for Virtual Twins
sepsisClinical Trial for Sepsis desease
vt.dataInitialize virtual twins data
VT.difftDifference between twins
vt.forestCreate forest to compute difft
VT.forest-abstractDifft by Random Forest
VT.forest.doubleDifft by double random forest
VT.forest.foldDifft via k random forests
VT.forest.oneDifft by one random forest
VT.predictVT.predict generic function
vt.subgroupsVisualize subgroups
vt.treeTrees to find Subgroups
VT.tree-abstractTree to find subgroup
VT.tree.classClassification tree to find subgroups
VT.tree.regRegression tree to find subgroups
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