Man pages for priviere/shinemas2R_deprecated
An R package to visualize outputs from the data base Seed History and Network Management System (SHiNeMaS)

encrypt.dataEncrypt data from '' or 'is.get.fata.output'
extra_functionsSome functions used in several functions of shinemas2R
format.dataFormat data from '' to be used by several R packages
get.dataQuery SHiNeMaS and return the datasets
get.ggplotGet ggplot objects from ''
get.ggplot_ggnet.customPlot a network with ggplot2 based on GGally::ggnet
get.ggplot_hide.labels.partFunction used in get.ggplot
get.ggplot_network.relation.barplotFunction used in get.ggplot
get.ggplot_network.relation.mapFunction used in get.ggplot
get.ggplot_pie.on.ggplotDisplay pies on ggplot object such as network or map within...
get.ggplot_plot.itFunction used in get.ggplot
get.ggplot_plot.networkFunction use in get.ggplot
get.pdfGet a pdf by concatenating outputs from 'get.ggplot' and...
get.tableGet table from '' if data set can be used as entry for 'get.ggplot' and...
shinemas_tuto.sqlSHiNeMaS in sql format used in the tutorial of the vignette
translate.dataTranslate variables and methods present in data coming from...
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