Man pages for ptaconet/rtunaatlas
IRD Sardara Tuna Atlas R facilities

convert_unitsConvert units of measure in a fact dataset
create_calendarCreates a continious calendar
create_gridCreates a continious grid
db_connection_sardara_franceConnects to Sardara France PostgreSQL database stored on the...
db_connection_sardara_worldConnects to Sardara World PostgreSQL database stored on the...
db_connection_tunaatlas_worldConnects to Tuna Atlas PostgreSQL database stored on the...
extract_datasetExtract a dataset available in Sardara database
functions_load_dataset_in_dbFunctions used to load a dataset in a database with Sardara...
functions_visualize_dataFunctions used to load a dataset in a database with Sardara...
generate_metadataGenerate the dataset of metadata
get_codelist_of_dimensionGet the metadata of a code list used in a raw_dataset
get_dsd_of_datasetGet the data structure definition of a raw_dataset
get_rfmos_datasets_level0Extract primary gridded tuna RFMOs datasets from the Tuna...
getSQLSardaraQueriesGet a list of queries to execute to plug services to the...
harmonize_spatial_structureSet of functions to harmonize the spatial dimension structure...
harmonize_time_structureSet of functions to harmonize the time dimension structure of...
iattc_functionsFunctions to harmonize the structure of the IATTC datasets
iccat_functionsFunctions to harmonize the structure of the ICCAT datasets
iotc_functionsFunctions to harmonize the structure of the IOTC datasets
list_dataset_available_dimensionsList dimensions available in a raw dataset
list_metadata_datasetsList metadata of the datasets available in Sardara database
list_variable_available_dimensionsList dimensions available for a given variable
load_datasets_in_dbLoad a dataset in Sardara database
map_codelistMaps and replaces one dimension of a fact dataset using a...
pie_mapCreate a pie map
raise_datasets_by_dimensionCreate a dataset with most complete information using two...
raise_get_rfGet raising factors
raise_incomplete_dataset_to_total_datasetRaise incomplete dataset to total dataset
rasterize_geo_timeseriesAggregate a geospatial time series on polygons
rtunaatlasIRD-Sardara Tuna Atlas R facilities
spatial_curation_downgrade_resolutionDisaggregate gridded data
spatial_curation_intersect_areasPerform spatial intersection with a geospatial layer
spatial_curation_reallocate_dataReallocate data using a spatial criterium
spatial_curation_upgrade_resolutionAggregate gridded data
time_series_plotCreate a times series plot
wcpfc_functionsFunctions to harmonize the structure of the WCPFC datasets
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