Man pages for pwhigham/spatibm
A Spatial Individual-based model for land-based organisms

allele.fixationAllele fixation
baseline.breedingCreate population available for breeding
baseline.survivalBaseline survival for individuals
breedBreed valid individuals
breeding.pairsConstruct breeding pairs of males/females
breeding.tableDefine breeding parameters
build.population.graphBuild a graph for a list of populations
circle.habitatDefine a circular habitat
circle.onlyDefine a circular habitat with constant value
circle.pts.densityDefine a set of circular point habitats
convex.home.rangeEstimate home range for a movement parameter an initial population
crowding.survivalDetermine survival due to crowding
crowding.tableDefine crowding table
do.breedingBreed a pair of individuals
fixationTime to fixation for an spatial individual-based model
F.statCalculate Wright F statistic for a population a tree-style layout for igraph
make_rpois_numGenerate a Poisson stationary set of N points within the...
model.summaryCreate summary table for a model run
moveMove the individuals in the population using the defined...
movement.tableDefine movement parameters for individuals
multiple.stepPerform multiple steps (generations) for the population
multiple.step.habitatPerform multiple steps (generations) for the population,...
origin.densityCreate a table of densities about the origin
panmictic.fixationTime to fixation for a neutral allele
plot.all.gensPlot all generations of a model as points
plot.crowding.tablePlot the crowding table
plot.density.exampleDensity plot for a given number of points and bandwidth
plot.pop.countPlot total population
plot.population.graphPlot the population as a family tree
plot.survivalCreate plot showing probability of survival over time
points.habitatDefine a set of locations with a circular habitat
popsize.survivalWhat population size is viable?
pop.summaryPopulation summary statistics
single.stepPerform a single (generation) step for the population
survival.tableDefine survival parameters for individuals
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