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Fire research and modelling environment

DefaultSpeciesParamsSpecies trait database.
ffm_assemble_tableAssembles a parameter table from a list of elements.
ffm_cleanupAttempts to free up resources used for R/Scala connection.
ffm_complete_paramsCompletes a table by adding default parameters for each...
ffm_create_databaseCreates a database manager object and file.
ffm_db_connectOpens a connection to a SQLite database of model results.
ffm_db_loadAttempts to load the entire contents of a database into the R...
ffm_db_summarySummarize the contents of a model results database.
ffm_describe_betasGenerates example Beta distributions.
ffm_dissemble_tableDissembles a parameter table into a list of components.
ffm_find_speciesMatches whole or partial species names to...
ffm_get_species_paramsGets default parameter values for one or more species.
ffm_is_species_knownChecks if species names are defined in the default species...
ffm_param_infoRetrieves information for a parameter label.
ffm_param_table_summaryReturns a summary of the given parameter table.
ffm_param_varianceRandomly perturbs values for selected numeric parameters in a...
ffm_runRuns the model with the given site. the model with a site based on parameters in the given...
ffm_run.functionRun the model with parameters provided by a generating...
ffm_run.matrixRun the model with a site based on parameters in the given...
ffm_run.ScalaCachedReferenceRun the model with the given site object.
ffm_set_site_paramSets the value of a site meta-data parameter.
ffm_set_species_paramSets the value of a species parameter.
ffm_set_stratum_paramSets the value of a stratum meta-data parameter.
ffm_siteCreates a Site object from a table of parameters.
ffm_valid_paramChecks that a parameter label is valid.
frameframe: Fire research and modelling environment
ignitionTempPSFACalculates ignition temperature from proportion of silica...
ParamInfoValid parameters and their default units.
readLegacyParamFileReads a legacy format parameters file.
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