Man pages for quantifish/TagGrowth
Mixed effects model of capture-mark-recapture-age data

MakeADGrowthFunction to create the AD object
normaliseFunction to normalize a vector between two values
plot_annual_devsPlot annual deviates
plot_growthPlot growth observations
plot_histogram_kPlot histogram of time-varying k
plot_histogram_zPlot histogram of time-varying individual growth parameter...
plot_indiv_growthPlot individual growth paths
plot_indiv_growth_2Plot individual growth paths for two different models
plot_linfPlot L infinity
plot_obs_predPlot observed vs. predicted growth paths
plot_paletteColour palette
plot_parametersPairs plot of parameters
plot_residsPlot residuals
plot_simulationsFunction to plot simulations
plot_standard_residsPlot standardised residuals
plot_themePlotting theme
read_all_powersFunction to read simulations
read_all_simulationsFunction to read simulations
read_simulationsFunction to read simulations
TagGrowth.versionFunction to return version number
time_stepFunction for converting data.frame from annual to...
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