desc_add_me: Add the current user as an author to DESCRIPTION

desc_add_meR Documentation

Add the current user as an author to DESCRIPTION


Uses the Authors@R field.


  role = "ctb",
  comment = NULL,
  orcid = NULL,
  file = ".",
  normalize = FALSE



Role to set for the user, defaults to contributor.


Comment, empty by default.


ORCID, empty by default.


DESCRIPTION file to use. By default the DESCRIPTION file of the current package (i.e. the package the working directory is part of) is used.


Whether to "normalize" (reorder and reformat) the fields when writing back the result. See desc_normalize().


desc_add_me is a convenience function, it adds the current user as an author, and it needs the whoami package to be installed. It'll add your ORCID ID if you provide it as argument or save it as ORCID_ID environment variable in .Renviron. The full name is parsed using as.person and collapsing the given name and the family name in order to e.g. have the first and middle names together as given name. This approach might be limited to some full name structures.

See Also

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