Man pages for rabutler/CRSSIO
Package to manage the input/output of CRSS data

crssi_change_evap_filesChange Start Date of Evap Files
crssi_change_nf_file_namesRename CRSS Input Files
crssi_create_cmip_nf_filesCreate CRSS natural flow input files from CMIP data
crssi_create_dnf_filesCreate CRSS Natural Flow Input Files
crssi_create_hist_nf_xlsxCreate the HistoricalNaturalFlows.xlsx file
crss_input_addinRStudio Addin to Create CRSS Input Files
CRSSIO-packageCRSSIO: Package to manage the input/output of CRSS data
elevation_to_storageCompute Volume from Elevation for a Reservoir
ism_get_site_matrixCreate a matrix of data based on ISM
knn_get_index_yearGet the index years using k-nearest neighbor method
nf_natsalt_namesGet vector of natural flow and salt gage names, filenames,...
paleo_disaggSpatial and temporal diaggregattion of paleo flow data
sys_cond_tableCreate standard CRSS system conditions table
trimCCNFFilesTrim Climate Change Natural Flow Files
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