crss_input_addin: RStudio Addin to Create CRSS Input Files

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crss_input_addin() is an RStudio Addin that sets key parameters of crssi_create_dnf_files() and crssi_create_hist_nf_xlsx() before running it.




To use the Addin, RStudio v0.99.878 or later must be used. The key user input to crssi_create_dnf_files() can be set in the GUI. The oFiles arguement uses the default value of nf_file_names().

Additionally, there is an option to also create the HistoricalNaturalFlows.xlsx file necessary for CRSS runs via crssi_create_hist_nf_xlsx().

See Also

crssi_create_dnf_files(), crssi_create_hist_nf_xlsx()

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