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RWDataPlot provides a tool to read data generated from RiverWare(TM) ( in the form of rdf files into R. Common aggregation functions, e.g., annual minimum values, are included. Additionally, creating standard 'long' format data tables with common "scenario" attributes for the Burea of Reclamation's CRSS results are provided, along with generalized, common, plotting functions. The get and tag data functions are written to expect "Scenario" based output, i.e., output that is saved in different scenario folders, such as those generated using RiverSMART(TM).


As of 2015-07-02, no plotting functions exist in the package. The data frame returned by getDataForAllScens is in a format to easily plot in ggplot2.

To learn more about RWDataPlot, start with the vignette: browseVignettes(package = 'RWDataPlot')

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