getAndProcessAllSlots: Get and aggregate data from rdf file(s) for one scenario.

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getAndProcessAllSlots gets data for a single scenario. The slots from each rdf are processed and aggregated together.


getAndProcessAllSlots(scenPath, slotAggList)



A relative or absolute path to the scenario folder.


The slot aggregation list. A list containing the slots that will be imported and aggregated, the aggregation method(s) to use, and the rdf files that contain the slots. Either created by calling createSlotAggList with a specified set of slots, or a list of lists with each entry containing an rdf file and the keyword 'all' for the slots, e.g., list(list(rdf = 'KeySlots.rdf',slots = 'all')), which will return all of the slots found in an rdf file. If this option is used, the code will return monthly, or annual data, i.e., no aggregation methods will be applied to the data in the rdf file.

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