Distill for R Markdown is a web publishing format optimized for scientific and technical communication. Distill articles include:

Distill for R Markdown is based on the Distill web framework, which was originally created for use in the Distill Machine Learning Journal [@distill]. Distill for R Markdown combines the technical authoring features of Distill with R Markdown, enabling a fully reproducible workflow based on literate programming [@knuth1984].


To create an R Markdown document that uses the Distill format, first install the distill R package from CRAN:


Using Distill for R Markdown requires Pandoc v2.0 or higher. If you are using RStudio then you should use RStudio v1.2.718 or higher (which comes bundled with Pandoc v2.0).

You can download the latest version of RStudio at

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