Man pages for raikens1/stratamatch
Stratification and Matching for Large Observational Data Sets

auto_stratifyAuto Stratify
build_autostrataBuild Autostrata object
check_base_inputs_auto_stratifyCheck inputs from auto_stratify
check_inputs_manual_stratifyCheck inputs to manual_stratify
check_inputs_matcherCheck inputs to any matching function
check_outcomeCheck Outcome
check_pilot_set_optionsCheck Pilot set options
check_prognostic_formulaCheck Prognostic Formula
check_prop_formulaCheck Propensity Formula
check_scoresCheck Scores
estimate_scoresEstimate Prognostic Scores
fit_prognostic_modelFit Prognostic Model
get_issuesGet Issues
get_prop_scoresParse 'propensity' input to obtain propensity scores
ICU_dataDemographics and comorbidities of 10,157 ICU patients
is.auto_strataChecks 'auto_strata' class
is_binaryCheck if a vector is binary
is.manual_strataChecks 'manual_strata' class
is.strataChecks 'strata' class
make_autostrata_tableMake strata table
make_fm_plotMake Fisher-Mill plot
make_hist_plotMake histogram plot
make_issue_tableMake Issue Table
make_resid_plotMake Residual Plot
make_sample_dataMake sample data
make_SR_plotMake Size-Ratio plot
manual_stratifyManual Stratify
new_auto_strataNew Autostrata
new_manual_strataNew Manual Strata
pipePipe operator
plot.strataPlot method for 'strata' object
print.auto_strataPrint Auto Strata
print.manual_strataPrint Manual Strata
split_pilot_setSplit data into pilot and analysis sets
strataStrata function from package Survival
stratamatchstratamatch: stratify and match large data sets
strata_matchStrata Match
strata_match_nstratMatch without Stratification
summary.strataSummary for strata object
warn_if_continuousWarn if continuous
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