Man pages for ramiromagno/ensemblr
R Client for the Ensembl REST API

are_vec_recyclableAre vectors recyclable?
code_to_strandConvert strand integer codes to strand words
ensembl_serverEnsembl REST API server
genomic_rangeCreate genomic range strings
get_analysesGet analyses behind Ensembl databases
get_data_versionsRetrieve the data release version(s) available on the Ensembl...
get_divisionsRetrieve Ensembl divisions
get_idGet details about an Ensembl identifier
get_ld_variants_by_windowGet linkage disequilibrium data for variants
get_populationsGet populations for a species
get_rest_versionRetrieve the current version of the Ensembl REST API
get_software_versionRetrieve the Perl API version
get_speciesGet Ensembl species
get_versioningRetrieve Ensembl REST versions
is_ensembl_reachableIs the Ensembl REST API server reachable?
pairwise_combnPairwise combinations
requestRequest an endpoint from Ensembl REST API
rest_api_endpointsEnsembl REST API Endpoints.
strand_to_codeConvert strand values to integer codes
user_agent_idUser agent identification
warn_when_request_erroredWarn if response errored
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