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Personal Project Setup

calc_cvCalculate the coefficient of variation of 'x'.
calc_sequential_differenceCalculate the difference between sequential rows while...
characteristic_formatFormat a characteristic for printing.
characteristic_getGet metrics for a given characteristic of your dataset.
characteristics_tableFormat several characteristics as a table.
colour_baseDefault colour for dots / axes / text ... (dark grey).
colour_bgDefault background colour.
colour_paletteA colour palette with 7 colours (black and white).
colour_secondaryThe colour to use if more than 1 colours are needed (brighter...
colour_tertThe colour to use if more than 2 colours are needed (even...
create_eenv_themeCreate a conservative theme for ggplot2.
eenv_alphaThe default alpha used in functions of this package.
eenv_confidence_levelThe default confidence level used in functions of this...
eenv_decimalsThe number of digits to round to (not for p-values).
eenv-packageA package to load packages, functions and variables I...
eenv_plot_dimDefault settings for 'save_plots()'.
eenv_signif_bottomThe number below which "< NUMBER" is displayed for p-values.
eenv_signif_digitsThe number of non-zero digits to display for p-values.
eenv_themeA conservative theme with default colours in black and white.
format_floatRound and format a floating point number.
format_intFormat an integer for displaying.
format_numberFormat a number for displaying.
format_pFormat a p-value.
format_padPad a string to a given length.
format_percFormat a percentage for displaying.
is_numberCheck if 'x' is a number.
package_availableTest if a package is installed.
package_loadLoad a package.
plate_check_discrepant_multiplesSearch for and remove multiples which sets.
plates_readRead sets (plates) and calculate concentrations and...
plot_qqCalculate and plot a qq-plot.
save_plotsSave one or more plots onto a panel.
test_format_relationsFormat the output of 'test_get_relation'.
test_getWork with test results vs. actual conditions.
test_roc_empiricCalculate an empiric ROC.
update_homegrown_packagesUpdate 'bioset' and 'eenv' from github.
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