Man pages for raredd/rawr
rawr miscellaneous

all_equal2Test if two or more objects are (nearly) equal
binconBinomial probability confidence intervals
binconr'bincon' formatter
bindxBind objects
bintestSingle-stage designs
caseLetter case
catlistConcatenate list for output
classMethodsShow or get methods
clcClear workspace
clearClear console
clistConcatenate lists
col_scalerColor scaling
combine_levelsCombine values
combine_tableCombine html tables
countrCount formatter
ctcae_v3Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, v3
ctcae_v4Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, v4
cumfunsCumulative functions
cuzick.testWilcoxon rank-sum test for trend of ordered groups
dmyDate parse
dodgePoint dodge
dodge2Point dodge
droplevels2Drop factor levels
dsplotDiscrete scatter plot
factorsFind factors
fakeglmFake GLM
fapplyApply list of functions over list or vector
fill_dfFill data frame
flattenFlatten lists
get_margsGet arguments from 'SAS' macros
heatmap.3Enhanced heat map
helpExtractExtract 'R' help files
hl_estHodges-Lehmann estimator
html_alignAlign html
icolsIndex columns by pattern
identical2Test two or more objects for exact equality
inject_divInject div
install.biocInstall bioconductor
install_tempInstall packages temporarily
interleaveInterleave rows or columns
intrInterval formatter
iprintIn-line printing
jmplotJoint-marginal plot
jt.testJonckheere-Terpstra test
justifyJustify text
kinda_sortKinda sort
kmplotSurvival curves
kmplot_data_Create data frame to plot survival data
kmplot_ticksAdd ticks to 'kmplot'
kw.testKruskal-Wallis test for count data
list2fileList to file
lm.betaStandardize regression coefficients
local_coxph_testCompute local p-value from coxph
locfLast observation carried forward
lsplineLinear spline
luniqueNumber of unique values
match_ctcMatch CTCAE codes
merge2Recursively merge a list of data frames
mgrepMultiple pattern matching and replacement
moods_testMood's median test
nestedMergeMerge nested lists
num2charNumeric to character string
outer2Outer product of n-dimensional arrays
parse_formatsGet formats from 'SAS' format files
path_extractExtract parts of file path
pickcolPick elements from columns
plothcColor 'plot.hclust'
points.kmplot'kmplot' points
power_cvPower calculations for one- and two-sample t-tests using...
progressProgress function
pr_tablesProbability tables
psumPairwise sum
pvalrp-value formatter
rapply2Recursively apply a function to a list
rawr_lsList utilities
rawr_opsrawr operators
rawr_rownamesRowname tools
rawr_viewView data
rcorCorrelate variables
read_clipRead data from clipboard
recoderRecode variables
regcapturesExtract captured substrings
rescalerRescale numeric vector
ReshapeReshape data
RestartRestart 'R' session
rgeneGenerate random gene names
riverRiver plots
rleidGenerate run-length type group id
rmacroCall 'SAS' macros
rm_nonasciiRemove non ASCII characters
rm_nullRecursive 'rm' for lists
roll_funRolling functions
RoundRound vector to target sum
round_toRound to
rpart_utils'rpart' utilities
rsumRandom sum
sample_eachSample each
sas_catalog'SAS' catalog
sas_mgetConvert multiple 'SAS' data sets to 'R' data frame
sas_pathGet 'SAS' path
search_dfSearch function for data frames
search_histSearch history
show_colorsShow colors
show_htmlShow HTML
show_markdownShow markdown
show_mathShow math equations
show_pchShow plotting characters
simon2Simon two-stage designs
sort2Sorting or ordering of vectors
sort_matrixSort matrix
source_sasSource 'SAS' code
sparkDT'datatable's with sparklines
split_nthSplit at nth pattern
surv_cpCreate counting process data
survdiff_pairsPairwise 'survdiff' comparisons
surv_extractExtract 'survfit' summaries
surv_summarySummary of a survival curve
surv_tableSummary table
surv_testSurvival curve tests
sym_sortSymmetrical sort
tabler_respResponse table
tabler_statDescription statistics 'tabler'
tabler_stat2'tabler_stat' wrappers
tcolTransparent colors
tox_worstFind highest grade toxicities
tryCatch2Condition handling and recovery
try_requireQuietly try to require a package
updateRUpdate 'R'
vgrep'grep' for vectors
waterfallWaterall plot
writeftableWrite ftable
write_htmlTableWrite an 'htmlTable' to file
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