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Scores the FACT and FACIT family of QoL patient-reported outcome measures


Provides functions to score the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT) and Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy (FACIT) patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures. The questionnaires themselves can be downloaded from www.FACIT.org. For most of the FACIT questionnaires, FACIT.org provides scoring syntax for use with commercial statistical software (SAS and SPSS). The FACTscorer R package is intented to serve as a free, reliable alternative for those without access to SAS or SPSS. Additionally, it will allow R users to both score and analyze the FACT and FACIT scales in R, avoiding the time-consuming and and error-prone process of transferring the data back-and-forth between statistical softwares. Finally, use of the FACTscorer package will prevent many sources of scoring error common when using SAS and/or SPSS syntax (e.g., copy-paste errors and other accidental modifications to the syntax).

Questionnaire Groups

The FACT and FACIT questionnaires are grouped into a number of categories according to their intended use. To help you find the function you need to score your questionnaire, all FACTscorer functions are listed below, organized by questionnaire type.

General, Disease-Specific, Treatment-Specific, Symptom-Specific,

General Measures:

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Missing/Invalid Item Answers

This function handles missing/invalid item answers according to official FACT/FACIT scoring guidelines.


For a given subscale score to be calculated, a respondent must have valid, non-missing answers to greater than 50% of the subscale items. If only 50% or fewer of the subscale items are answered, the respondent will be assigned a missing value (NA) for that subscale score.

Total Scores:

For a given Total Score to be calculated, two conditions must be met:

  1. The respondent must have valid, non-missing subscale scores for all of the subscales that are summed together to calculate the Total Score.

  2. The respondent must have valid, non-missing answers to greater than 80% of the items that contribute to the given Total Score.

Both of these conditions must be met - otherwise, the respondent will be assigned a missing value (NA) for that Total Score.

Sections and Subsections

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