Man pages for rdevito/MSFA
Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Bayesian analysis of MSFA models

data_immuneImmune System Data
ecm_faEstimates the parameters of study-specific FA models
ecm_msfaEstimates the parameters of a MSFA model
sp_eigenNormalized eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix.
sp_faPosterior sampling for the sparse Bayesian infinite factor...
sp_fa_controlAuxiliary function for 'sp_fa'.
sp_msfaPosterior sampling for the Bayesian MSFA model for sparse...
sp_msfa_controlAuxiliary function for 'sp_msfa'.
sp_OPOP algorithm for loading matrix estimation
start_msfaProvides some starting values for the parameters of a MSFA...
vcov_msfaVariance matrix of MLE estimates for a MSFA model
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