source_selected_source: Source() selected source

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Call this function as an rstudio addin to source() the selected text in the source pane.




Doing this has advantages and disadvantages relative to ctrl+enter. The main advantage is that if an error is thrown, then the whole script stops. The main disadvantage is that nothing is printed to the console unless it is explicitly print()ed. You can essentially think of the situation as "as if" the code was wrapped in \ \.


Ctrl+enter copies the selected text from the source pane into the console line-by-line. Therefore, there is no way a script can stop the remainder of the script from running in this case (using stop, stopifnot, etc.). One way around this is to surround your code with \ \ and then run the whole block. This way, the whole block is like one line in the console. So if there is an error in the block the whole block dies. (The same thing happens with functions.) However, having to wrap my code with curly braces all the time, or always use functions, is quite annoying in my opinion.

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