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Useful Functions for Modeling and Plotting

bGenerate Multi-line comments
blankPlotGenerate a Blank Plot
catPropCompute Category Proportions
convertMagnitudeAngleConversion to Cartesian Coordinates
covCreateExtract Unique Levels from Combined Covariates
createIncrementCreate a Variable with Incremental Unit Intervals
customAxesGenerate Custom Plot Axes
degreesRadiansConversion between Degrees and Radians
densityPointsEstimate Density for Individual Observations
designCodingCreate Design Matrix
drawEllipseFunction to Draw Ellipses
erfError Function
errorBarsDraw Error Bars
findModeFind the Mode
higherOrderMomentsCalculate the First Four Moments
infoCritCalculate Select Information Criterion Values
logisticLogistic Function
logitLogit Function
lowerUpperPlotting Range Function
lsosImproved List of Objects
p_fCompute Category Proportions
quick_doc_templateTemplate for Documentation
quickDocTemplateTemplate for Documentation
reverseSoftmaxReverse of the Softmax Function
semStandard Error of the Mean
softmaxSoftmax Function
violinPlotDraw a Violin Plot
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